Terms and conditions 

Bonito String Quartet & Ensembles will require:

Armless chairs for each musician. If this cannot be arranged, chairs can be brought on request

Adequate reading light

Power supply ONLY if you have hired our pianist or soloist with backing tracks

Protection from sun, rain, salt-spray, smoke, open flame or fire, fog, dust, sand, wind, bubbles or physical
damage which is considered adequate by the musicians. If our musicians consider the protection inadequate, we will liaise with the event co-ordinator/s. If the issue is unresolved, we will not be able to unpack our instruments or perform.

A flat space measuring approximately 3m x 2m to play in

A safe area to store bags and cases during our performance

A 15 minute break every 2 hours of performance. Breaks can coincide with speeches if applicable

Refreshments for bookings over 2 hours, and meals for bookings over 4 hours

Payment and Pricing

To secure your booking, a $12O non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Until a deposit is made, BSQ&E is at liberty to make bookings with other clients for the same time. The deposit is subtracted from the final fee and is not additional. The remaining balance is payable 1O days prior to your booking date.

If the function is less than 7 days away, full payment will be required to secure your booking

All prices on our price list are in AUD and apply to combinations of Strings (Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar), Keyboard (Piano, Organ), Wind (Flute, Clarinet, Oboe), Brass (Saxophone, Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone) and Voice

For chamber ensemble (over 6 musicians), harp prices and further information including prices for bookings for over 4 hours performance or over 3 hours travel, please contact us
For your convenience, BSQ&E offers the following secure payment options:
Direct bank deposit
• Money Order
Bank cheque
Cash up-front

Booking Cancellation

In the event of a booking cancellation 14 days or less from the function, full payment is required

In the event of a booking length being reduced 14 days or less from the function, the original booking payment cannot be reduced


Bookings made within 7 days of the function may attract higher booking fees

We always recommend booking for the maximum amount of time that you may require

Amplification is not supplied by BSQ&E and is not usually required unless you have over 1OOO guests. If you
wish to supply amplification, please contact us

Musicians are expected to arrive approximately 1O-3O minutes prior to the function

It is possible for musicians to be seated in 1 area for the start of a booking (eg. ceremony) and another area for later in the same booking (eg. canapes). We recommend having chairs set up in both locations for a smooth change 

Bookings over 5 hours total travel may require accommodation and/or flights provided

In the unlikely event of a musician’s absence due to illness or uncontrollable circumstances, clients will be
refunded the missing musician’s fee.  However, all efforts will be made to acquire a replacement 

There is no guarantee that the musicians will be able to stay for unexpected overtime. At the conclusion of all bookings (including wedding ceremonies) if our musicians are requested to continue for 1O more minutes we will do so, at our option, free of charge. If this request is extended to another 2O minutes, it will be charged at half an hour rate and each additional half an hour will continue at the same half an hour rate. The client will be notified of this rate at the time of request.

If wet weather requires the function be moved to an alternative location, it must still be held at the same time as the original booking. We are unable to provide two allocated times for bookings. If no wet-weather back-up is included in the contract, no refund will be given. 

Song Requests 

We love playing new song requests! If your request is on our repertoire list and arranged for the ensemble booked, we will play it at no extra cost

If your request is not on our repertoire list, we will purchase the music at no extra cost to you and arrange it for the ensemble booked. If sheet music is unable to be sourced, it must be supplied by the client. For further details, please contact us
All requests must be finalised at least 7 days prior to the function



Total legal liability incurred by BSQ&E if engaged is limited to the total cost of the booking. 

Sending a deposit to us is both confirmation of booking and acceptance of this disclaimer

By making the booking payment, you confirm your agreement to the above terms and conditions

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